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About NCI

Let’s Recycle Together is a division of NCI Hospitality, which has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.

The aim of is to reduce the carbon footprint at landfills around the world.

With you as a partner, we feel this is possible.

NCI Recycling Stations contain 50%, or more recycled steel

NCI’s multi-purpose recycling stations have the capacity to sort all types of waste.

By sorting – paper, plastics, glass, food containers, food products, compost, organics, also toner cartridges, batteries, whatever the waste, in one organized recycling station for pick- up by waste management companies, saves you, the customer, large $$$$.

Save space – Sort with NCI Indoor or Outdoor Recycling Stations with two, three or four waste openings.

Save time – Each station has a unique sign plate on top, symbols show the user which opening to deposit trash.

Where Can You Use or Recycling Stations?

Stadiums, Event Centers, Theatres
Property Management
Conference Centers
Hospitals, Nursing Homes
Schools, Universities, Colleges
Hotels and Restaurants
Food Service Courts
Shopping Malls